1995 Ferrari F355 Challenge ex-Lucien Guitteny at Artcurial Auction Paris ’17

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The 1995 Guitteny car #1 was one of the most succesfull 355 Challenge cars. I think its worth a restauration, even the car has a poor shape.

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2009 Ferrari 430 Challenge for sale in US

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VIN: ZFFEX63X000165688

PRICE: $129,000

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SOLD – Universal Autosports 360 Challenge

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The brand new Ferrari 488 Challenge

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2006 Ferrari F430 F1 Challenge Championne d’Europe at Artcurial Auction Paris

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FIA document Race car Chassis n° ZFFEX63X000146816 125.000 – 150.000 €

The most successful Ferrari Challenge in the world – An affordable investment – Fantastic performance, can be driven on circuits Introduced in 2004, the F430 is part of the Ferrari V8 line, replacing the 360 Modena. It benefitted from development carried out on the Ferrari Enzo and technology acquired in F1. It was given an ” E-Diff ” differential and running gear managed electronically, with five positions operated by the manettino on the steering wheel. These driving aides allow the driver to exploit the 490 bhp of the 4.3-litre engine safely. Belonging to the exclusive ” over 300 km/h ” club (top speed of 315 km/h), the Ferrari F430 can cover a kilometre from a standing start in 21.6 seconds. A “Challenge” version was developed so that cars could be contested in a one-make championship series in Europe and the rest of the world. The car on offer is exceptional as it took part for three successive years at the European and World Championships of the Ferrari Challenge, driven by the famous Ange Barde, a French driver emeritus, 8 times French Champion, between 1991 and 1999 in circuit racing (Formula Renault, Alfa Romeo 145, Renault Megane etc). He took part in the 24 Hours of Le Mans three times in Ferraris and was the European Champion 4 times, 3 times European Vice-Champion and once World Champion in the Ferrari Challenge series, between 2000 and 2008. The 430 on sale totals 42 races, 26 podium finishes, and was the European champion in 2006 (10 podiums, 7 victories), European vice champion in 2007 (8 podiums, 1 victory) and 3rd in the European championship in 2008 (8 podiums, 5 wins). It is in a very good condition, the maintenance has been at the highest level, executed by the different teams, Modena Racing and Bullish Racing. This 430 Challenge represents an excellent investment for a Ferrari collector, given its record and its condition and can be used without complicated assistance.

1995 Ferrari F355 Challenge ex-Lucien Guitteny at Artcurial Auction Paris ’17

Another F355 Challenge on Auction. Artcurial is the Auction house in Paris, its no reserve, so it will sell.

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French title Chassis No. ZFFPA41B000101046 – Rare F355 Challenge with French registration – Winner in 1995 and 1996 of the Challenge Ferrari Europe – A true performance racing car – No reserve The model on offer is a Ferrari F355 Challenge, first registered on March 2, 1995.

It was one of 109 units made of the type F129 AB. The car has covered nearly 32,700 km, comes with a French registration and has an excellent competition history. It was the Challenge Ferrari Europe West Champion in 1995 and 1996 with the talented driver Lucien Guitteny (race record available on the online catalog). The car was then modified to compete in the French Championship FFSA GT from 1997 to 1999, and then it participated in some more competitions in 2000. Its current owner bought it in 2010 for hill climbs during the seasons 2010 and 2011. It was raced by Jean-Pierre Jarrier in Saint Gouëno, which explains his signature on the dashboard. The car comes with a FFSA passport dated 18 June, 2010. This Challenge is in a “competition” configuration with its roll hoop, two Sparco bucket seats and a carbon spoiler. The engine was changed in 2011 for a similar engine, which was prepared and serviced and tested as well as the clutch and the brakes. The shock absorbers were serviced at DA Competition. The car will be delivered with two additional doors.

Here is a unique opportunity to drive a high-performance car that is capable of being driving as easily on the road, as on the track. race history : 7 meetings – 2 races per meeting 1995 : Paul Ricard : 1st / 3rd Spa : 1st / 1st Zandvoort: 1st / 2nd Donington : 3rd / 2nd Nogaro: 1st / 2nd Mugello : 1st / 1st 1996 : Paul Ricard: 1st / 1st Brands Hatch : 3rd / 3rd Spa : 1st / 1st Zandvoort : 2nd / 1st Donington : 2nd / 2nd Nogaro : 1st / 1st Mugello : 2nd / 2nd Estimation 60 000 – 80 000 €

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Ferrari F355 Challenge 1999 Nürburgring

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Ferrari F355 Challenge at the ADAC GT Cup

Any Infos? Who, where, when?

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2007 AF Corse Ferrari F430 GT2

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Ferrari F355 Challenge parts, finaly arrived from the RM Milano Auction

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